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Bellingham, WA

Ice cream sundae

Your choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream is smothered with hot fudge or cool strawberry topping and crowned with whipped topping — and a cherry on top.

Follow up on your exquisite meal with some mouth watering desserts and beverages. Call us to find out more!



Quality service

Fruit crepe

Crowned with your choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream and whipped topping, you can enjoy our crepe with cool strawberry topping, warm blueberry or cinnamon apple compote. A delicious way to end any meal!

Can't decide on what to eat? Check out our IHOP favorites!

Scrumptious deserts and beverages to follow up post food. Choose from a variety of flavors and options.


French vanilla coffee

The deeply delicious flavors of French Vanilla meet our richly roasted coffee.

IHOP splashers

Sparkling, fruity and refreshingly delicious, you’ll smile as you sip one of our sweet IHOP Splashers®.

Hot apple cider

With just the right amount of warm familiar fall flavors, this hot apple cider is the perfect drink to welcome autumn. Served with a slice of orange

IHOP international house roast flavored coffee

There's nothing like catching up over a hot cup of coffee — especially when it's with a cup of our smooth, medium-body Breakfast Blend, 100% Arabica IHOP International House Roast™ Swiss Mocha or French Vanilla flavored coffee

Iced coffee

Our creamy and sweet iced coffee comes in three delicious flavors — mocha, vanilla and original. And you can have as much as you want: refills are free!

Never empty coffee pot

Whether you do regular or decaf, your coffee cup will always be filled to the brim thanks to IHOP's famous Never Empty Coffee Pot®. And the coffee is our own blend — IHOP International House Roast.


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